The Lugaflow Revolutionary Human Rights Activist

“Like George Orwel said, ”In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” Thank you brother #BanaMutibwa for not selling your conscience for a few pieces of silver. Indeed history will absolve you. In this historical time of our motherland, those who use the means they have to stand by the TRUTH are #TheRealRevolutionaries” – Bobi Wine.

“Bana Mutibwa’s music rails off the conventional course, conveying messages of direct inverse to political proposals to the powers that be” – Edgar Batte.

I am a Luganda political rapper, known for my cutting-edge rhymes against Museveni’s dictatorship. I currently reside in Denmark where I am pursuing my democracy and freedom activism passion, professionally. Despite having released several Lugaflow songs that caused revolutionary waves in Uganda, my motherland, I have not yet afforded the time and money to put together an album. Through my upcoming album, Essays of a Revolutionary MC, I want to cast a spotlight on the situation in Uganda, through my music.

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