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One Blood Project Uganda

In 2014, my dream of organising the International End of the Weak World Finals in Uganda came true. Learn more here: Episode 1 → , Episode 2 → , Episode 3 →

Coming to Denmark

After that, I was ready to start a new chapter in the book of my life. I moved to Aarhus, Denmark in the cold winter of December 2014. By summer 2015 I was enrolled to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Langkær Gymnasium (now Aarhus Gymnasium), where I graduated in 2017.

In 2018, I was admitted to Copenhagen Business School to study International Business and Politics. Currently, I work as a Project Associate at the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, where I support tech entrepreneurs with solutions to democracies’ problems.

My rap career took a twist as well when I decided to move to Denmark. Braved by the Danish security, and encouraged by the country’s democracy and freedom of speech, it didn’t take me long to serve my homeland, Uganda, from abroad through what I call revolutionary Lugaflow. Afterall, we were at the peak of the social media golden days.

GOOD SONG: Tetubonga nawe freestyle – Bana Mutibwa (Reply to tubonga nawe)

– Kizza Besigye

I am Bana Mutibwa, the Lugaflow Revolutionary Human Rights Activist. I am Obama Leader, one of the ones we’ve been waiting for.