Uganda Passport

Letter to Babaluku

Many of my fans, pre-revolutionary Lugaflow rhymes, know me mostly from my song Letter to Babaluku, which was a real life story dedicated to the MC that groomed us, Babaluku. The music video was shot in Aarhus, Denmark, directed and edited by Bana Mutibwa.

Even before I moved to Denmark, the country was home to my music. It is where I have produced songs like All for Lugaflow (Music video below shot in Copenhagen), Tetubonga Nawe, Tojjikwatako, Ndi Kumaviivi, among others.

I am Bana Mutibwa, The Lugaflow Revolutionary Human Rights Activist

– I am Obama Leader

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

– Molière

All for Lugaflow and Letter to Babaluku are both off Uganda Passport the Mixtape which I released on 12/12/12. I have decided to take the Mixtape down from all audio streaming services, to respect the legacy of those that have supported me from day one. Some songs will reappear in new versions on my upcoming and first album – “Essays of a Revolutionary MC”.

It is on Uganda Passport the Mixtape where I started to hone my art of doing political rap. Starting with my very first political song Nebwogakaaba, which I wrote in 2009. Uganda Passport the Mixtape also featured Walk to Work. Below is a short documentary film about the song.

On Uganda Passport the Mixtape my dream was to escape the small slum community and travel the world, escape the social injustices and live in just society peacefully, escape the regime in power and advocate for democracy, through rap in Luganda. It was all for Lugaflow. Unfortunately, Uganda Passport kept me locked in a system I didn’t believe in. Kept my bigger dreams locked as well, within, Uganda, my motherland that I love so dearly.

Through Essays of a Revolutionary MC, I hope to break all those barriers, and awake the next generation.